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Why Collect Watches? Why Collect Watches?

Published in 2016
The collection being offered in our new and exciting vault presentation was accumulated over a 25 - 35 year span.  The following prerequisites were adhered too...


Watch Collectors - A Must Read Collectors - a must read

Published in 2016
Buy from a company with 50-years of impeccable business sales and a company that stands behind its product...


Time to invest

Published in 2006
It's time to take a serious look at the gold market and its relationship to gold pocket watch values. As you can see by the graph below, gold started its run way back in 1999 when it was trading for a mere $252.00 per ounce on July 20th. A slow but steady climb began and gold reached a respectable $525.00 per ounce at the start of 2006. Then it hap...


Railroad Pocket Watch Information history of the railroad pocket watch

Published in 2005
It was the late nineteenth century in America. The automobile had not yet been discovered. The personal Kodak camera was still not on the market. Women wore long dresses, and the rub board was still the most common way to wash clothes. Few homes had electricity, and certainly the radio had not yet invaded their lives. Benjamin Harrison was president...


Hamilton Electric Wrist Watch The Hamilton electric

Published in 2006
A Unique Space in Time - January 3, 1957 - Hamilton announces "the watch of the future" - the first electric powered wristwatch! Was the world ready for this? Dwight Eisenhower was President and Elvis Presley sold one million copies of "Heart Break Hotel." The USSR launches the first man made satellite - Sputnik I and blue jeans have replaced long skirt...


The Niello Watch Case artistry in time

Published in 2001
Pocket watches are collected and admired for many reasons. Mechanical ingenuity, accuracy of time-keeping and superior engineering of the movements are aspects which lead to the value we place on antique watches. There is also the artistic element which is exhibited on beautifully engraved watch cases. Multi-color gold cases have been eagerly collected...


Secure Your Future your present to help secure your future

Published in 2001
Enriching your present to help secure your future - a $20,000 Investment in 1975 now worth $125,250 in 2001!