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(Joanne Gilbert, Owner)

Joanne Gilbert  has a diverse background which includes Master's Degrees in both Education and Theology. This multi-faceted history provides just what is needed for someone who oversees with an eye for accuracy and a heart for understanding. Her non-office hours are filled with reading, scrap-booking, knitting, gardening and church ministry.

As the mother of Richard M. Gilbert, she relishes sharing her life experiences with her son (only when requested).

(Tracy Gianitsis, Front Office)

Tracy Gianitsis Tracy was born in Pearl River, New York and moved to Sarasota in 1976. Her hobbies include swimming, going to Disney World and watching her new granddaughter grow. You will talk to Tracy initially answering the phone with a smile for both Ashland and during working hours.  She also has shared duties of transcription and answering emails.

(Pam Stevens, Shipping Department)

Pam Stevens was born in Providence, Rhode Island and moved to Sarasota in 2005. She enjoys customer service and can handle any shipping questions that may arise. Being experienced in shipping high-value packages both domestically and internationally, she will make sure that your watch arrives securely.  Her hobbies include cooking, nurturing orchids and consuming most types of seafood.

Suzan Brazeau is the "behind the scenes" person responsible for formatting our sales lists and color catalogs. Suzan is also instrumental with cataloging the watch and jewelry items on our very active e-bay and website sales. She has had no difficulty transferring her skills from working solely for Ashland to a dual employee of both Ashland and Suzan maintains over 1000 items online for each company at any given time and that alone keeps her very busy.