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1.  Fantastic 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Pearl Sailing Ship Brooch with Billowing Sails

Measures 2" wide by 2-1/4" tall; four 3mm white pearls; 18 flat top diamonds Tested Diamonds; Machine Acid Tested 14K yellow gold.  Weighs 25.2 Grams = 16.2 DWTS

A lovely three dimensional piece that exhibits fine workmanship and bright, quality stones. If you are a collector of artisian brooches this is an exceptional addition to your collection!

Price: $1,200.00

2.  Extraordinary Multicolor Rose & Yellow Gold Ruby Floral Spray Brooch

Measures 3-1/2" across by 2-1/4" tall; 16 tested rubies (Approx .04CT each) .64 CTS TW; Unmarked - Machine Acid Tested 14K yellow gold & 18K rose gold.  Weighs 30.4 Grams = 19.5 DWTS'.

Expertly crafted with rose gold and yellow gold flowers each with a rich red ruby and flowing tendrils that add an extra dimension!

Price: $2,000.00

3.  Regal 14K Yellow Gold Jade Brooch/Pendant

9 Cabochon cut olive green jade stones each measuring approx. 3.5mm across; Brooch measures 1-3/4" long x 1" across; Marked 14K.  Weighs 8.5 Grams = 5.4 DWTS

The simple elegance of green jade stones set in an intricate openwork yellow gold frame, this brooch, which may also be worn as a pendant, will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit!

Price: $500.00

4.  Citrine 18K Gold Forget Me Not Pendant Brooch

Pendant measures 1-3/4" long x 1-1/4" wide; The citrine stone has been tested, it is of great color and in good order, measuring 25mm x 18mm x 15mm deep; Unmarked - Machine Acid Tested 18K Yellow Gold.  Weighs 19.3 Grams = 12.4 DWTS

Fantastic large, real citrine stone surrounded by 18K gold forget me not flowers brooch that may also be worn as a pendant. Stylistic of the Victorian period.

Price: $500.00

5.  Royal 18K Yellow & Rose Gold White Pearl & Pink Spinel Crown Pin

Measures 1-3/4" across by 7/8" tall; Marked 18K CASACASTRO ; Five 5mm White Pearls; 4 small collet set, cabochon cut, pink spinel measuring approx. 2mm (.02PTS) each .08 CT TW; Tested Spinel (not ruby).  Weighs 6.1 Grams = 3.9 DWTS TW.

The pierced gold fretwork and 3 dimensional look of this piece give it a big impact.

Price: $350.00

6.  Victorian Revival 14K Rose Gold Pearl Diamond Crown Pin

Pin measures 1-3/4" across by 1" tall; five 5mm white pearls; Five diamonds each approx. .02 (.12 CT TW).  Unmarked Machine Tested 14K Gold; Weighs; 5.6 Grams = 3.6 DWTS TW.

You will feel like a Queen wearing this brooch!

Price: $250.00

7.  Gorgeous 18K Gold Diamond Ruby Chrysanthemum Flower Brooch

Brooch measures 2" across and 3.4" deep; Five diamonds .06 CT each (.30 CT TW); 1 High Dome Round Cabochon Cut Ruby 6.5mm.  Marked 18K; Weighs 37.0 Grams = 23.8 DWTS TW

The multiple layers of petals form an impressive dimensional brooch. With the added sparkle of high quality diamonds and rubies at the center, this brooch is sure to be noticed!

Price: $2,500.00

8.  Romantic Victorian Style 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Foliate Forget Me Not Spray Brooch

Measures 3" across x 1-1/2" tall; Five Tested Diamonds approx.. .05 Each (.25 CTS TW).  Marked & Tested 18K; Weighs 22.5 Grams = 14.4 DWTS TW.

During the nineteenth century the flower spray brooch- which had been so popular in the eighteenth century underwent considerable changes in design and technique.  This brooch is in the shape of a spray of forget-me-not, gold and diamonds. This delicate flower jewelry of the early part of the century was superseded by the heavier bouquets of the fifties and sixties.

Price: $1,500.00

9.  Wonderful Flower Basket Weave Design 18K Gold Brooch with Diamond & Amethyst Flowers

Measures 1-3/4" across x 1-1/2" tall; Diamonds 3 - .06 and 5 full cut .01 (.23 CT TW); Amethyst 24 (.24 CT TW); Unmarked, machine tested 18K Gold; Weighs 14.3 Grams = 9.2 DWTS TW.

A lovely three dimensional piece that exhibits fine workmanship and bright, quality stones.

If you are a collector of flower basket pins this is an exceptional addition to your collection!

Price: $800.00

10.  Beautiful Classical Female Profile Adorned with Diamond Necklace Carnelian Shell Cameo Pendant with 14K Rose Gold Frame & Bale

Mint condition no hairlines; Measures 2" x 1-1/2".; Marked 14K; Tested Diamond .20 CT European Cut Round Diamond set in white gold.  Weighs 14.2 Grams = 9.1 DWTS

The beautiful pendant depicts a classical female profile with fine carved detail and decorated with a diamond pendant necklace.  A habille is a cameo in which jewelry, such as the diamond necklace displayed on this cameo, is incorporated in the portrait. These highly collectible cameos came in fashion around 1840.

Price: $400.00

11.  Classical Female Profile Sardonyx Shell Cameo in 10K Rose Gold Frame Brooch

Measures 1-3/4" x 1-1/2"; Marked 10K Gold; Weighs 8.3 Grams = 5.3 DWTS

The sardonyx shell has a thick outer wall and a dark brown interior. Cameos carved in sardonyx shells are distinctive in color with a dark brown background and white foreground, and frequently cost more because the shells are rare.

The most common motif on antique cameo jewelry is the portrait. Early in the 19th century, cameos started to feature an anonymous Roman woman wearing no jewelry.

Price: $250.00

12.  Significant Antique Mother & Daughter Profile Shell Cameo Pendant with Diamond Brooch Detail and 18K Frame

Mint condition with no hairlines, Measures 2-3/8" x 1-7/8", Machine tested 1 diamond (.06 CT). Marked 18K , Weighs 22.0 Grams = 14.2 DWTS

This beautiful Victorian Antique cameo displays lovely high relief carving of a mother and daughter in silhouette.  Lovely shading with highlights in the flowers intertwined in the daughters' hair. The daughter displays a habille of a diamond brooch.

A habille is a cameo in which jewelry, such as the diamond necklace displayed on this cameo, is incorporated in the portrait. These highly collectible cameos came in fashion around 1840.

Anyone that collects these works of arts will be delighted with this find!

Price: $650.00

13.  Colorful Assorted Shades of Blue & Green Turquoise 18K Gold Bracelet

Rich Tone Blue and Blue Green marquise cut turquoise stones alternated by squared gold links. Is secured by a slide clasp with safety catch. Measures 7" long x 1/4" wide.;14 Marquise cabochon cut stones each measuring 6mm x 3mm; Machine Tested 18K Gold.  Weighs 50.2 Grams = 9.8 DWTS TW

From the fabulous forties, a classic Retro bracelet crafted in 18K yellow gold designed with striking colorful turquoise, and geometric, fluted links. A wonderful added touch of color to any outfit!

Price: $550.00

14.  Fine Antique Multi-Strand Coral Bracelet with Matching High Relief Carved Coral Cameo Clasp C. 1900

Over one hundred coral beads (5.5mm wide) are strung in a triple strand design measuring 7-3/4" long. An oval (20x26mm) slide clasp with a fine high-relief carved cameo in gold frame; Measures 7-3/4" total length, bracelet 3/4" wide, Cameo approx. 1 " x 3/4"; With 18K Gold Frame and clasp, Hallmark on frame.  Weighs 27.6 Grams = 17.7 DWTS

This extraordinary nineteenth-century bracelet, composed of deeply-saturated, orange-red coral, features a high-relief cameo of a fancy, presumably Italian, lady (with a very nice personality). A rare, wonderful and wearable Victorian coral collectable.

Price: $500.00

15.  Women's Tiffany Silver Cuff Atlas Groove Cut Cuff Bracelet Signed Tiffany & Co. 1995 .925 Silver

Fits size 6.5" wrists, 2.75" opening for wrist, approx. 1/2" wide; Marked Tiffany & Co. 1995 .925 Silver.  Weighs 49.6 Grams = 31.9 DWTS TW.

Price: $525.00

16.  Exceptional Victorian Era 22K Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Victorian Snake Coil Bracelet

Fifteen European cut diamonds (1.55 CT TW); Eight round faceted cut rubies each approx.02CT (.16 CT TW).  Acid Machine Tested 22K Yellow Gold. Hallmarked; Weighs 54.1 Grams = 34.8 DWTS The main design measures 1"" tall by 2" wide, the mesh coil bracelet measures 5/16" wide.

Measures 7-1/2" inside circumference, to place the bracelet on the wrist the back slides open 1-3/4" allowing plenty of room for your hand to go through. The slide clasp is secured with a safety loop.

The Victorian era incited the proliferation of snake jewelry after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with the very first engagement ring, which was in the image of a snake with an emerald-set head. For Victoria, the snake was an emblem of eternal love, making her betrothal ring the ultimate token of happily-ever-after. Peaking in the 1840s, the snake represented wisdom and eternity during this period and was a ubiquitous motif on rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces.

Price: $4,500.00

17.  Sweet Romance 18K Yellow Gold Colorful Mixed Stones and Pearl Flower Link Bracelet

Includes an emerald-cut Ruby, Light Blue Topaz, Deep Purple Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, and Aquamarine stones each measuring 12mm x 10mm x 6mm deep. The stones alternate with gold sculpted Peony flowers hinged links each with a 5mm white pearl (5 Flower links total). Bracelet measures 7" long by 5/8" wide and is secured with a slide clasp and safety chain. Stones of have been machine tested.  Marked 18K; Weighs 28.4 Grams = 18.3 DWTS TW.

With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

Price: $1,500.00

18.  Stunning 14K Pink Tourmaline & Light Blue Topaz Flower Drop Earrings

Measure 1" long, flower measures 1-2" across; Eighteen Light Blue Topaz round faceted cut each approx. .15 CT; Two pink tourmaline round collet set each approx. .35 CT (.70 CT TW); Stones of have been machine tested.  Unmarked 14K, Weighs 7.2 Grams = 11.2 DWTS

A breathtaking pair of Pink Tourmaline and light blue topaz flower earrings! These exquisite mixed stone earrings have an elegant dangling design.

Price: $500.00

19.  Stylish 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Drop Earrings

Measure 7/8" long x 8/8" wide; Post for pierced ears; 8 Machine Tested Diamonds each approx.. .01 (.08 CT TW); Stones of have been machine tested.  Unmarked 14K, Weighs 5.6 Grams = 3.6 DWTS

These door knocker style earrings have a hinge that allows the bottom portion of the earring to have movement.

Price: $275.00

20.  Lovely Angel Skin Coral Button Earrings in 14K Gold Embossed Frames

The earrings Measure 7/8" across; Post backs for pierced ears; round high domed cabochon cut, collet set, coral bead measuring 12.5mm across x 7mm deep.  Unmarked 14K, Weighs 5.3 Grams = 3.4 DWTS

The gift of the sea, Pink Coral’s flattering warmth has year-round fashion appeal

Price: $300.00

21.  Yellow-Gold Diamond Post-Style Earrings With Enhancers C. 1950s

With the 9mm diameter enhancer that is tipped with eight diamonds turns these conventional-style brilliant-cut diamond stud 14K gold earrings (TW .68 Ct.) into something special. The "extra decoration" (diamond TW .18 Ct.) just slides on or off the post; Stones of have been machine tested.  Unmarked 14K, weighs 2.1 Grams = 1.4 dwts.; Mint condition.

Like getting two pair of earrings for the price of one!

Price: $500.00

22.  14K Yellow Gold Ruby Earrings Spray

Clip backs, earrings measure 1" across; 14 round faceted rubies approx. .90 CT TW; Stones of have been machine tested.
Marked 14K Gold, Weighs 10.0 Grams = 6.4 DWTS TW

Price: $600.00

23.  Nouveau 14K Yellow Gold Blue Lapis Earrings

The earrings Measure 1" x 7/8"; Marked 14K Gold; Weigh 12.9 Grams = 8.3 DWTS TW. Very fine hairline on bottom right corner on one of the stones which can only be seen under magnification.

Delicately detailed vine of leaves surround the oval deep blue lapis stone and frame.

Price: $800.00

24.  Elegant 18K Gold Emerald Diamond Necklace

Cobra chain measures 16" long by 1/16" wide and is secured with a slide clasp with safety loop; Two Machine Tested Emeralds (approx. .58 CT TW); 6 full cut round diamonds and 8 smaller diamond accents (approximately .35 Ct TW); Stones of have been machine tested.  Marked 750 = 18K yellow gold, Weighs 14.2 Grams = 9.1 DWTS TW

Price: $1,000.00

25.  Three Navette Blue Topaz & Round Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Necklace

The 1/8" wide flexible C Link Chain measures 14" long, the center design measures 2 ", the necklace measures 16" long total. Ends with a barrel slide clasp with safety clasp. Seven fully faceted round collet set diamonds and 8 smaller diamond accents (.40 CT TW);Stones of have been machine tested.   Marked 750 = 18K on the barrel slide clasp, Weighs 11.0 Grams = 7.1 DWTS

Price: $750.00

26.  Vintage 14K Gold Carved Roses Angelskin Coral Bead Necklace

It's all in the details...this lovely necklace offers intricate coral carvings that perfectly capture the essence of fragrant white roses in full bloom.

Offering the desirable long length of 16-1/2 inches, this necklace offers 31 uniformly sized (12mm) , individually knotted, carved rose beads, ranging from. The beads are hand carved from angel skin coral in a rose petal motif, with slight blushes here and there.
The necklace is finished with a 1/2" carved rose in bloom atop a 14K yellow gold round slide clasp. The clasp features a tongue and groove closure and a figure 8 safety clasp for added security; Marked 14K, weighs 71.2 Grams = 45.7 DWTS TW.

The soft white hue of these beads is very pure with pink, rather than the yellow undertones often seen in Chinese white coral. The coral is natural, undyed and untreated with heat or bleach.

The coral is supple and without inherent crevasses or use related cracks, damage to the beads.

This hue and size of this necklace makes it easy to pair with everything in your closet.

Price: $500.00

27.  Exceptional 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace

An 18K yellow gold necklace featuring bright polished heart shaped links leading up to of five center section central links that are similar in design with the exception of a lozenge white gold setting the 8 pave set diamonds. 40 Tested Diamonds (.60 CTS TW); necklace measures 18" long x 3/8" wide x 1/8" thick; Stones of have been machine tested.  Marked 750 = 18K, Weighs 84.5 Grams = 54.3 DWTS

Price: $4,500.00

28. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Lariet Design with Tassels Necklace

Extra bold rope necklace Measures 16" long x 1/4" wide. Has a slide clasp and secured with a safety chain; Central design measures 1-1/4" across, tassels hang 2-1/2" from main design; Stones of have been machine tested.  Unmarked 18K, Weighs 33.8 Grams = 52.6 DWTS

Price: $3,000.00

29.  Vintage 18K Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Row Ring Size 6

Round faceted blue sapphire .20 CT; 4 Old European cut round diamonds (.18 CT Tw); Band tapers from 1/8" too 1/16" at back; Stones of have been machine tested.  Unmarked 18K, Weighs 1.8 Grams = 1.2 DWTS

Price: $200.00

30.  Art Deco 18K White Gold .25 CT Sapphire & Diamond Filigree Octagonal Ring in 18K White Gold

Sapphire .25 CT TW, Diamonds Two .04 CT TW; Stones of have been machine tested; Unmarked 18K, Weighs 3.1 Grams = 2.0 DWTS TW

This ring is an art deco design and has a filigree pattern all over the mounting.

Price: $250.00

31.  Pave Set Diamonds (.95 CT TW) and Blue Sapphire 14K White Gold Band Ring Size 8

24 round faceted blue sapphires .01CT ea. (.24 CT TW); 95 diamonds .95 CT TW; Size 8 Band measures 9/16" wide, bright polished back; Stones of have been machine tested.  Marked 14K, Weighs 9. Grams = 6.4 DWTS

Price: $675.00

32.  Quintessential Art Deco 14K White Gold Sapphire Diamond Filligree Ring C.1920s Size 6.75

One central round diamond (.05 CT) and Four Triangular Cut Sapphires; Measures 3/4" tall, Size 6.75.  Marked 14K, Weighs 2.0 Grams = 1.3 DWTS Total

This is an outstanding Art Deco sapphire and diamond 'wow' ring, love the detail!

Price: $200.00

33.  Men's Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring with 14K Yellow Gold Jubilee Style Band Size 8

The size 8 band Measures 3/8" wide and narrows to 3/16" at back; 16 round faceted Machine tested diamonds (.16 CT TW).  Marked 585 = 14K, Weighs 6.6 Grams = 4.3 DWTS TW

Featured is a remarkable an oval Blue Sapphire and diamond men's cocktail ring in 14K yellow gold.

Exquisitely crafted, an oval blue natural sapphire has excellent eye clarity and saturation that depends when worn. The center stone is enhanced by a halo of high quality, channel set, round diamonds. The shank of the ring is dynamically formed to resemble a Jubilee Band of a Rolex.

This high-quality ring can be paired up with any watch.

Price: $550.00

34.  18K Yellow Gold Quality 1 Blue Sapphire (2 CT TW) Ring Size 7

This quality 1 round 6 prong set deep blue sapphire solitaire ring is a size 7; Is inscribed inside of band with personal Initials; Marked 18K, weighs 4.7 Grams = 3.0 DWTS.

Price: $600.00

35.  Spectacular 14K Gold Diamond & Blue Sapphire Statement Ring

Beautiful deep blue oval cut 2 CT sapphire with a hallo of 12 diamonds and an additional 24 diamonds on the shoulders of the ring. (1 CT DTW); Size 6 band is marked JCR 14K; Weighs 6.8 Grams = 4.3 DWTS TW

Look at the outstanding array of high quality diamonds on this ring. A statement piece in a reasonable price band as it is an estate ring!

Price: $1,000.00

36.  Regal 12.5 CT Orange Fire Opal 18K Ring Size 7

Translucent oval, cabochon cut, opal measures 24.5mm long x 15.5mm wide x 5mm deep and exhibits green and blue flashes from within. Sits 1/2" above the finger; size 7 band; Marked 18K, weighs 6.9 Grams = 4.5 DWTS TW

Opals may occur in many colors including white, colorless, pale yellow, pale red, gray, brown and black. Diffraction can cause flashes of any color of the rainbow which can be seen in opal's color play. Yellow, blue and green are most common, whereas violet, red and orange are the rarest colors seen through play of color.

Use this ring anytime you need to add elegant style to any outfit.

Price: $950.00

37.  Man's 14K Gold Rare Orange Opal Ring Size 10

High domed oval cabochon cut collet set opal measuring 15mm x 11mm x 7mm deep. The size 10 band is marked 14K and tapers from 1/2" at the shoulders to 3/16" at back. Sits 3/8" above the finger. Weighs 6.1 DWTS TW.

Orange is one of the rarest colors found in the wide opal spectrum.

Price: $650.00

38.  Lovely Deep Hued Victorian Coral Bead Cathedral Setting 18K Rose Gold Ring Size 5.5

Size 5.5 band set with a lovely deep hued orange/red coral round bead measuring 9mm across. The coral is set in a four prong setting with column form shanks adding to the height, the ring sits 7/16" above the finger.  Marked 18K, Weighs 3.1 Grams = 2.0 DWTS TW.

Price: $225.00

39.  Fabulous Retro 18K Yellow Gold Amethyst Cocktail Ring Size 7.5

Emerald Cut, light lavender Amethyst stone measuring 18mm x 13mm x 8.5mm deep.  The yellow gold band is a size 7.5 and the ring sits 7/16" above the finger.  The band tapers from 1/2" to 3/16" at back.  Unmarked 18K Gold Weighs 13.9 Grams = 9.0 DWTS TW

What a wonderful retro feel with the multiple rounded spires adding high to the massive sized amethyst. The openwork shoulders add to the streamlined effect.

Price: $700.00

40.  Sparkling Sky Blue Topaz 14K Yellow Gold Artesian Ring Size 8

Nouveau openwork flowers surround this ravishing round cut blue topaz. The face of the ring measures 3/4" x 3/4" and sits 1/4" above the finger. Topaz is faceted displaying a bright sky blue color and measures 7mm across;

The size 8 band is marked 14K and maker's mark inside the band.  Marked 14K, Weighs 3/9 Grams = 2.5 DWTS TW.

This bright and shining sky blue topaz stone exhibits amazing life and brilliance!

Price: $175.00

41.  Modernist Inverted Crescent Pink Sapphire 18K Gold Cocktail Ring Size 6

Simple yet bold, this 18K yellow gold ring features a wide inverted crescent centering pink sapphires. Each of the five round cut pink sapphire is approx. .20 ct (1 CT TW). 

The main design measures 1 x 7/16" and sits 1/4" above the finger.  Marked 18K, Weighs 6.9 Grams = 4.5 DWTS TW.

The design gives the sapphires the appearance of floating and also makes for a bold streamlined design that will be sure to be noticed.

Price: $450.00

42.  9K Yellow Gold Amethyst Solitaire Ring Size 7

Scalloped openwork gold frame and 12 small prongs set his beautiful deep hued, purple, oval amethyst. The amethyst measures 8mm x 6mm x 5mm deep. The size 7 band is hallmarked 375 = 9K, measures 1/8" at back, and sits 3/16" above the finger.  Hallmarked 9K, Weighs 1.7 Grams = 1.1 DWTS TW.

The color of the amethyst is a strong, deep purple, combined with its striking size and unusual setting makes this ring a very special treat for your best girlfriend or for yourself!

Price: $125.00

43.  Two Matching Antique 14K Yellow Gold Carved Ivory Twisted Rope Design Bands Size 6

They measure 1/8" wide and the condition is good considering the material with no obvious hairlines.  Marked 585 = 14K Gold, Weighs 1.2 Grams = .8 DWTS TW.

Rare to find two matching, unique bands such as these antique carved ivory bands carved in a rope "eternal love" design accented by a strand of yellow gold following the design.

Price: $175.00

44.  14K Yellow Gold Diamond Halo Ring .80 CT TW.

The halo setting refers to the placement of diamonds in a concentric circle around the center diamond. The .35 CT center diamond is collet set in a fine white gold milligraine. The surrounding halo of 11 round cut, fully faceted, approx. .05CT diamonds are also set in white gold. This halo ring is paired with pave diamonds (4 total) on the shoulders of the band.

Size 8.25, main design measures 3/8" across, band measures 1/16" wide at back, sits 3/16" above finger.  Unmarked, 14K Gold; Weighs 2.4 Grams = 1.6 DWTS TW.

The halo setting makes the center stone appear larger and increases the overall sparkle of the ring!

Price: $550.00

45.  14K Yellow Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring

Truly superb cocktail ring crafted in 14K yellow gold. A cluster mount is set with round brilliant cut diamonds totaling an estimated 1.0 CT TW. The main design measures 1.2" tall by 3.4" across, the band narrows to 1/8" at back. The size 7 band is marked 14K, Weighs 6.2 Grams = 3.9 DWTS TW.

Quality diamonds with lots of sparkle!

Price: $575.00

46.  Antique 18K Gold Diamond Clover Ring, Size 7.5

This charming 18K yellow gold ring Is comprised of 3 round diamonds (.60 CT TW) clustered together in a clover motif measuring 10 x 8mm. The size 7.5 band measures 1/16" at back. Unmarked 18K, weighs 2.0 Grams = 1.3 DWTS TW.

The clover symbolized faith, hope and love.

Price: $475.00

47.  Gorgeous 14K White Gold Rose & Mine Cut Diamond (1.25 CT TW) Cocktail Ring, Size 5

High quality rose and mine cut diamonds set in a crossover design measuring approximately 7/8" across by 9/16" tall. The size 5 band measures 1/8" at back.  Unmarked 14K, Weighs 5.5 Grams = 3.5 DWTS TW.

Quality diamonds with lots of sparkle. The ultimate in elegance, this classic design in cocktail rings will be sure to be noticed!

Price: $800.00

48.  Fabulous 10K White Gold Diamond Row Ring

21 round diamonds (.88 CT TW); Size 8.5 band tapers from 1/4" shoulders to 1/16" at back.  Marked 10K; Weighs 5.8 Grams = 3.8 DWTS

Streamlined and always in fashion, this dazzling diamond row ring is definitely a statement piece!

Price: $575.00

49.  Late Edwardian Diamond & Ruby Filigree Elongated Cocktail Ring 18K White Gold, Size 5.5

At the heart of this gorgeous antique ring sits a .15 round diamond that is artfully surrounded be open scroll work and two rows of small rose cut, channel set rubies. The main design measures 11/16" tall x 3/4" wide. Size 5-1/2 band narrows to 1/16" at back.  Marked 18K, Weighs 3.3 Grams = 2.1 DWTS TW.

Truly a work of love, you will cherish this Edwardian era ladies navette shaped fashion ring

Price: $375.00

50.  18K Rose Gold Double Ring Crossover Bypass Ring

Size 8 band narrows from 1/4" to 1/8" at back. Two solitaire diamond rings (.50 CTS TW), each set in an 8 prong setting, are melded together at the back of the bands to form a bypass/crossover design ring.  Unmarked 18K Rose Gold, Weighs 2.6 Grams = 1.7 DWTS TW

Price: $350.00

51.  14K Rose Gold 1 CT Cabochon Emerald Bead Ring

A beautiful deep green, round cabochon bead secured in a 6 prong setting. The size 6 band measures 1.5mm at back and sits 3/8" above the finger; Inscribed inside band with a C. 1902 inscription.  Unmarked 14K, Weighs 2.4 Grams = 1.5 DWTS TW.

Price: $300.00

52.  1 CT Emerald Solitaire with Diamonds 14K Yellow Gold Ring Size 7.25

A rich luscious green high quality natural old mine square emerald-cut emerald, weighing 1.0 carats, shines shoulder-to-shoulder with a pair of sparkling old mine-cut diamonds, weighing .06 carat each (.12 carats total), in this truly superb and stunning late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century three-stone ring elegantly rendered in 14K yellow gold. The emerald is a true gem.

Ring size 7.25, band measures 2mm at back. Marked 14K, Weighs 3.0 Grams = 1.9 DWTS TW.

Price: $400.00

53.  Natural Colombian Emerald and Diamond 14KT Yellow Gold Vintage Engagement or Cocktail Ring

This priceless 2.0 CT emerald is emerald cut and has 3 gorgeous, high quality brilliant cut diamonds on each side (.12 CT TW) The size 5.5 band measures 2mm at back and sits 5/16" above the finger. Marked 14K, Weighs 3.5 Grams = 2.3 DWTS TW.

This Emerald Diamond ring is classic and an elegant additional to any outfit.

Price: $800.00

54.  Lovely Openwork 14K Flower Motif Emerald and Diamond Ring Size 10

Amazing workmanship is evident with the carved openwork flower design band featuring an Emerald cut high quality emerald measuring 4.5 x 3.5 x 3.25mm deep (.47 CT TW).

A round Brilliant cut diamond is on each side of the emerald forming the flower's center (.30 CT TW).

The size 10 Band measures 2mm at back and the main design/face measures 7/8" across by 5/16" tall and sits 3/16" above the finger. Marked 14K, Weighs 4.2 Grams = 2.7 DWTS TW.

Price: $475.00

55.  Regal Emerald and Diamond 18K White Gold Vintage Engagement Ring Size 6.5

A beautiful emerald-cut 1.8 CT emerald is centered by four small round diamonds .04 CT TW; The size 6.5 band measures 2mm wide at back, the main design measures 7/8" across by 1/4" tall and sits 1/4" above the finger.  Unmarked 18K White Gold, Weighs 3.9 Grams = 2.5 DWTS TW

This classic raised four prong set emerald above the ornately engraved crown of diamonds below makes for a ring that is sure to be noticed!

Price: $500.00

56.  Man's High Domed Cabochon 9.5 CT Emerald and Diamond 18K Rose Gold Ring - Retro 1940s

Big and bold were the watchwords of ring design during the Retro period of design is evident with the massive cabochon cut, oval, collet set, 9.5 CT TW emerald measuring 15.5 x 12mm x .5mm deep. On each side is a round diamond (.16 CT TW) pave set in white gold; The size 11 band measures 5.5mm at back and the main design measures 7/8" across by 7/8" tall.  Unmarked 18K, weighs 20.3 Grams = 13.1 DWTS TW.

Price: $2,200.00

57.  Man's Massive Cabochon Emerald Diamond 18K Rose Gold Ring, Size 10 - Classic!

Shows fine workmanship with deeply engraved scrolling floral design down shoulders framing the 5.25 CT cabochon cut, collet set, natural emerald. The emerald measures 13 x 10mm x 5.5mm deep. A bezel of 6 round diamonds (.12 CT TW) pave set in white gold frame are a striking contrast to the rose gold collet setting of the emerald. The main design measures 1" across x 3/4" tall, the size 10 band narrows to 4.25mm at back.  Unmarked 18K, Weighs 11.3 Grams = 7.3 DWTS TW.

Calling attention to jewelry designs from centuries past, this "Relic" ring is set with a dark blue cabochon sapphire. A highlight of the ring is the deeply engraved floral designs along the shoulders.

Price: $1,300.00

58.  Big, Bold & Beautiful Man's 8 CT Cabochon Blue Sapphire & Diamond 19K Gold Statement Ring

The cut of the high domed, cabochon cut, collet set blue sapphire maximizes the reflective quality of the natural sapphire and is further enhanced by the white gold pave set round diamonds (.12 CT TW) that it is framed in. The shoulders of the ring are carved with a classic floral design. This massive ring measures 7/8" across x 3/4" tall and the size 9 band narrows to 4mm.  Unmarked 18K, Weighs 10.8 Grams = 7.0 DWTS TW.

The durability of sapphire (9 on the Mohs hardness scale), make daily wear inevitable!

Price: $1,200.00

59.  Contemporary Men's 1.25 CT Blue Sapphire and Diamond 10K Gold Designer Ring Size 10

Oval faceted blue sapphire (1.25 Ct TW) measures 7.5 x 5mm and is centered by 8 round brilliant diamonds (.36 CT TW).  Marked 10K, Weighs 13.9 Grams = 8.9 DWTS TW.

A handsome dinner ring for the man in your life!

Price: $750.00

60.  High Quality Ruby (1.2 CT) and Diamond (1.28) Encrusted 18K White Gold Navette Ring

An extraordinary high quality deep red ruby is round cut and surrounded by 1.28 CTS of dazzling sparkling diamonds. The elegant navette design measures 1-1/2" x 3/4" across. The size 4.5 band measures 2mm and sits 1/8" above the finger; Machine tested ruby and diamonds.  Unmarked 18K, Weighs 5.0 Grams = 3.2 DWTS.

This gorgeous antique navette ring has a slim and graceful shape that elongates your fingers.

Price: $4,500.00



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